Beautiful Albanian Women

Beautiful Albanian Women

Albanian women have an appearance which is hard to guess, because they have Arabic features but also European. Some more then others.

They are the perfect combination: classic faces with an exotic side aswell. That is why you would not recognize them so easily, but these women are everywere.


Albania is located at the North of Greece and across the Adriatic Sea. It has an impressive amount of natural wonders. There are more Albanian people outside the country then in Albania. In Kosovo for example, you can find two million other etnic Albanians and in the rest of the world another 15 million Albanians.
Albania is one of the most Western muslim countries in the world, this is because they do not practice their religion. Being a good person in life, is more important to them then going to the mosque. Therefor the Albanian women are quite secular and prefer other matters as important. One of these things is family, pride or family pride. Family is their number one, they feel like their family should be involved in every decision they make, because that is what makes them happy, to see their family happy. Family values and the traditions they have are quite high. They like to keep and practice these, instead of their faith. Therefor it means a lot to them if their family accepts you as her boyfriend.

Apart from that, Albanian women are very fashionable, classy and modern. Albanian women take great care of their looks and appearance. They love to go out, have fun, drink alcohol, party, just as much as European girls do. They go to the hairdresser very often. Also their clothingstyle is very feminine and elegant. Always on heels and never underdressed. It is like their motto is: It is better to be overdressed then undressed. They love the attention, but do not dare to approach her in an inaproprepriate way. You will never have a chance again. These girls want to be respected and appreciated in a decent way. Be a Gentleman, hold the door, take her coat and hold her hand when walking of the stairs. They like to be a lady, so treat them like one.

When in comes to paying, always pay her drink/dinner. Albanian women are very proud, and they would insist on paying for her own drinks, even yours. It is very convincing that she really wants to pay for it. But remember, this is a trap, she wants to know if you would really let her pay. Because if you did, you would be considered as cheap, rude, not a gentleman. And this does not mean she is a golddigger, this is just the way they are raised. That is why it is such a shock to them if another man, let her pay her for her own drinks. Albanian women are very classy in public, so you will never need to worry of being embarrassed by weird public actions from an Albanian woman.

Home grown Albanian women tend to be territorial. Once you are theirs, you are theirs and no one else’s. Albanian women have difficulties with sharing. They are highly aware of their surroundings, so a wrong look from another girl can cause quite the commotion. This territorial nature stems from jealousy. Jealous of a slight glance at another female or even the unreciprocated advances a woman might make towards you can cause issues.

Dating tips:
Albanian women respect men but they also expect to be respected back. Do not just go over to a beautiful Albanian girl and ask her to hang out.

1. Be a gentleman and show your manners. They are classy and you cannot embarrase them. Like mentioned above: hold the door, take her hand on the staircase and be gentle.

2. Have fun and go out. Do not ask her to come over at your place but take her out to a party.

3. Saying she wants to pay does not mean you let her pay! Those are all tests and you will fail if you let her pay anything for you.

4. There is a huge difference in culture. If you want to make things work you need to learn more about their culture and try to understand it.

5. Do not give them a reason to get jealous, otherwise you will get in trouble with her.


If you need a loyal woman, search no further. Albanian women take you very serious. If she feels something for you and if she is in a relationship with you, she will do anything to make it work and mantain a good relationship. Albanian do not cheat very often, because it is considered not-ladylike and not an honourful thing to do. Albanian women want to be the strong person behind their boyfriend/husband and will always support him no matter what. This is why the divorce rate in Albania is very low.

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