Beautiful American Women -

Beautiful American Women

America is the third largest country in the world, with a population of more than 300 million people. America is a federal republic consisting of fifty states and a federal district. It is a very cultural diverse country and you will find a lot of different women over here.  There also belong several islands to the country in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. America is a developed country and has the world’s largest national economy.


One of the characteristics of a modern Beautiful American Women is assertiveness. This is the ability to communicate her opinion in the face of opposition. It is considered to be one of the most important skills as far as communication is concerned. Americans are easy talkers. They share their personal stories with a lot of people. Many people think they tell their personal stories to get the attention. On the other hand, they are also quickly offended when a stranger talks to them. Even when you tell her how pretty she is, she can be offended. American women are not ashamed quickly and are very direct. Some of them are rude and have a huge attitude. They do not hide their negative qualities. Most men think the American women are not hard to get and they go home with some guy easily.

It happens very often that American women put men in the friend zone. Through the years they lost their interest of making a relationship work and they are more interested in one night stands and clubbing. American women play a lot of games with men and are not that serious anymore.

Never ask Americans a direct question. They think it is very rude if you ask them how old they are or what their weight is. They also do not like to be surprised. If you come over at their houses without saying it in advance, women may get angry with you. American women love drama and attention. When they go clubbing they end up in a fight many times and they drink a lot. There are strict rules in America but still people use a lot of drugs. Many people wear aberrant clothes and have tattoos or body piercings. Custom suits, cars, shoes and more are all very outlandish. Also, if you go clubbing with an American woman you may be wonder-strucked by the way she dance. The most women dance very exuberant and defiant. A lot of people think their behavior is unacceptable.

There are a lot of different faiths but most women are Christian. Not many women actually practice their faith or follow the strict rules of it.

They are a bit more naive in some ways than people from other countries. American women help a lot of people. This includes giving food or money to homeless people, crossing the street to help an elderly person carry bags into their building, or walking a tourist a few blocks out of their way to show them where a subway stop is because they know they will never find it on their own.

The more skills a man has, the better and more attractive he is. Americans like to be different from each other and like personal space around them.

American women find men with manners and money attractive. When a man has money she thinks he will protect her, because they associate money with safety. As well, women see this as a man with drive and ambition to get the things he wants. American women say they are very independent, but still they do not want to go out with a broke man. Most American women do not like possessive or jealous men. Although they like the extra attention these men give them, they will not get in a serious relationship with a man like that.

An American woman will always listen to her feelings, before and after she will listen to anything else. This means that a man also constantly must be listening to her feelings, and anticipating his behavior accordingly.

Dating tips:

 They like to be entertained and want all your attention.

1.  American women need a lot of support and are looking for someone who is reliable. They love a strong man who can also show his sensitive side. You can even cry in front of them and they will not hold it against you. In fact, it would probably automatically endear you to them.

2.   The best thing you can do is acting like a real gentleman. It is better to show too many manners than seem rude.

3.   The Americans are proud of their country and think they put a lot of effort in helping other countries. It is for the best if you do not slash anything about America.


American women want to be independent, but you have to be careful with that. Do not let her pay the bill! Now a days they are more in to dating, going out and having a good time than relationships. You can offend them very easily, so you need to be careful with the things you say to them. American women are sensitive and listen to their feelings a lot, it is nice for them if you show some interest in their feelings. It is important to ask questions about them, because they love to talk about themselves. They can be very angry with you if you are too late for an appointment, so you better be a bit early  when you have a date. American women act very independent but despites of that they need a caring person by their side.

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