Beautiful Bulgarian Girls

Beautiful Bulgarian Girls

Bulgarian woman are very feminine and love everything about being a woman, that’s why they also care a lot for their appearance since the power of these women lays in their beauty.beautiful bulgarian women


Bulgarian girls are mostly Slavic and ancient peoples in origin, so they may share the same features as Polish girls or Russian girls. Generally, Bulgarian girls They tend to have a fair skin. Many guys like this look, as its close to mediterranean. Bulgarian women are also known for their beautiful feminine body shapes. They also have a nice complexion and don’t need very much make up. Their clothing style is very west-european. That means lot’s of skin. There is not much left to the imagination, but most men don’t mind this since they are very visual and it only triggers and makes them more curious. Also you can have conversations with thes women about anything, they are not shy or vague at all.

Women of Bulgaria are friendly and warm. They are easily approachable and are quite social. They group up and form strong bonds with one another. Bulgarian girls are very social and love social ocasions. Also these women love to flirt and it is easy to approach them when you get her attention. Try to make eyecontact, then you’ll know if your presence is desired, which is mostly the case.

These woman love men who have a steady job. Bulgarians are also very forward and do not hesitate to tell you that they want you. Bulgarian girls feel that the man should provide her all the things she need and expects him to do so. If not she won’t stay with you because she needs the certainty that she can live her life without financial problems.

Bulgarian women are very smart and think education is very important to them. Thats why they expect the same or more from their boyfriend/husband. Even thought they work a lot they don’t like to discuss these matters when having drinks with friends or other people. They like to keep everything seperate and not talk about your job while you’re having fun with your friends.

Bulgarian women are much more domesticated and less demanding, they are happy to let their man make most of the decisions for them and they do not have expensive tastes, but they still don’t feel like being the typical housewife like the bulgarian men expect them to be. Thats why these women try to find their luck abroad. That’s why they all try to have a degree in the english language since this is their one way ticket to a much better future with a man who respects her as much as she does him.


Bulgarian Madlena Kalinova

Dating tips:
bulgarian women

There is something exotic about dating someone from another culture especially if you are already in love with their way of life and country. Most expat men find that Bulgarian girls make excellent partners, far better than had they dated someone of the same nationality.

1.     Immediately when you see your date, give her a compliment about something. Tell her that she looks nice or that you like her hair. You do not want to go over-board and be complimenting her all night. But dropping a compliment here and there throughout the date can have a good impact on her self-esteem and effort she has made to look the way she does

2.      Make sure to be very well dressed. Bulgarian women love fashion and style and expect you to have some fashion sence too. Try to match your clothes and she will be impressed of your style.

Bulgarian Miss

3.     Try to surprise her with gifts, it shows you put effort into convincing her you like her. Try to also find out what she likes, so you don’t buy a bad bargain.

4. Please don’t let her pay for her own drinks or dinner. If you do this she will think you are greedy, and that’s one thing these women really dislike in man. She would probably think; ‘How can he take care of me later on, if he’s to greedy to buy me a drink’. As if she’s not worth it. You don’t want to give her that idea so be a man and pay for her.

Bulgarian Teodora

Bulgarian women are awesome companions. They are sweet, social creatures with ultra hot bodies and very intelligent. They like to be taking care of but they also like to be treated. They mostly hate their fellow-countrymen because they don’t respect these women as they want to, and thats where you step in, to show her you are everything she has been searching for.

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