Beautiful Cambodian Women

Beautiful Cambodian Women

Cambodia is generally a poor country, the people there do not have much money. They have been from young age learned to work hard and bring bread on the table. These women are independent and hard workers.

Cambodian women are dark and most have long dark hair. These women do not keep much concerned with their appearance and look sexy. Most Cambodian women are not educated and studied. They have the same rights as men, but they are not encouraged to study.

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Cambodian women are excellent caregivers and housewives. They work very hard and are physically strong.
They get married at a very young age and they do not make any typically familial decisions.
It is very important for a Cambodian woman that you respect her culture.

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Make sure that you don’t make fun of anything that sounds strange to you. ¬†They do not see the importance of being attractive.

They will not judge you on how you look but rather on how you carry yourself.

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