Beautiful Croatian Women

Beautiful Croatian Women

Beautiful Croatian
Croatia officially the Republic of Croatia is situated in South-Eastern Europe at the crossroads of the Adriatic Sea and the Pannonian Plain.

Croatian Antonija Misura 2
Croatian women are tall, tan and thin. They primarily have a Mediterranean complexion of light olive skin, brown hair and brown eyes, though blondes are not uncommon. Their long necks accentuate graceful, model-like figures. They have round asses, but generally small breasts.

Croatian women are feminine. Women openly complain about wearing heels. If god came down from the sky and told them they didn’t have to be feminine anymore, the streets would be littered with makeup kits, shoes, and other beauty accessories. There’s a lazy “Why bother?” vibe.
Croatian Antonija Misura
Most girls are sweethearts, but several negative personality traits will reveal themselves to you after a while. Girls can be crass, picky, lazy and most importantly, critical. Croatian women are the pickiest, with many girls openly criticizing me early in the approach about my physical flaws or chosen line of conversation. Not only will they constantly judge you, but they will do so in undiplomatic terms. The more confident the girl is, the more you’ll encounter these negative personality traits.

Croatian Miss

Dating tips:
Croatian Nikolina
Croatian women love to meet new people and go on a date so they get to know you better.

1. Take her out for dinner and always pay itself. Croatian women find it very rude if the woman paid for the dinner.


Croatian Actress
Croatian women are the whole package handsome, tall and friendly. They also did not expect much of a man.

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