Beautiful Egyptian Women -

Beautiful Egyptian Women


The formal name of Egypt is the Arab Republic of Egypt. Egypt has the largest Arabic population in the world. The literacy rate for Egyptian men is 83% and 59.4% for women. Egyptian women have many rights, unlike other Islamic extremist countries. Egyptian women driving cars and therefore not everyone wears a headscarf. Large part of the population is Islam the remainder is Christian or any other kind religion.



Most women in Egypt have the same features. They have a tanned skin, but because many Egyptians spend a lot of time outside in the sun, their skin darkens and becomes a sun-kissed light brown. Eye color is usually brown, but you see a lot of hazel and green eyes as well. Egyptian eyes are usually almond shaped and medium sized. Common facial traits are: high cheek bones, circular face and sharp angles around the cheeks.

Egyptian women have black hair and is usually curly and short. The young Egyptian women are usually thin, but after the marriage or pregnancy they experience weight gain.

Women in Egypt wear their clothes according to the religion. The women do not wear miniskirts and also don’t show much of their bodies. Many of them wear their headscarves, but some do not. The women do feel more comfortable in extremist Islamic clothing.

Egyptian beauties are polite and calm. Most have high studied and speak good English. Small amount of Egyptian women smoke only that you will not encounter much. Egyptian women are very serious and want a man that is serious with them.

Egyptian women want a man where they feel safe. And give her the freedom she want. Western men are well appreciated by many Egyptian women.

All Egyptian women want a man that well deserves. The more you earn, the better. These women want to be spoiled. Most women also want a faithful man, that is very important for them.

Courtship of Egyptian women usually is the process of selecting a suitable husband. Nowadays, a lot of Arab women are able to choose their own dates and are also able to use the internet to meet men. One thing that hasn’t changed, is that protecting a woman’s virtue and reputation are of utmost importance when it comes to dating. However, the concept of dating an Egyptian woman is different depending on the region.






Dating tips:

Here are some tips for when you go on a date with an Egyptian woman.

1. The very first thing you should understand about dating an Arab woman is that she will likely demand more respect than her Western counterparts.

2. Do not touch her and especially not in public. Egyptian women are often very naive and shy.

3. Let her know that your goal is to marry her otherwise chances are she will not go out with you.

4. Give her lots of compliments and let them know you mean it.

5. Walk beside her and give her a sense of security.

6.  When dating one of the Egyptian women you should be a true gentleman.



Egyptian women need the safety of a very strong and confident man. The more that can be provided for her, the more she is allured. Egyptian women love to be spoiled, little things are already appreciated. A faithful man is extremely important as well. They are usually really attracted to Westerners.


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