Be safe with online dating

Be safe with online dating

Using websites to promote yourself and your interests is a good way to find a date. It could even bring you more friends and lovers, or the bonus of a life partner. However, it can also bring you many dangers such as stalkers, maniacs and generally odious characters. These are exaggerations to situations that some people have faced when placing their profile online for all to see, but paying attention to some simple rules can help you be safe with online dating, and reduce the risk of harm directed at you or your family.

Fraudulent activity is all too easy these days. Credit card information can be found with a few clicks of the button, and home addresses or telephone numbers are not too easy to search for either. The rise of internet activity over the past twenty years has seen so many successful scams being pulled on unsuspecting users. Minimizing these results is not difficult, and can save you time and effort when weeding out the suitors who are just not suitable.


Your personal information such as your telephone number, email or home address and your bank details are items that should be kept hidden until it becomes acceptable to disclose it. You will either appear too desperate or insecure, and you will often be contacted by unscrupulous characters who may attempt to either damage your reputation, or worse, your possessions. Again, it is worth noting that so many people who use dating sites are worried about similar things, and there is a very small chance of it happening. But the fact that it does makes it worth stressing as a valuable method of remaining safe.

With your email address being a large method of communication, it may be wise to create a separate account for the sole purpose of signing up to a dating site. This will prevent many spam messages reaching your personal account, and can be much easier to hide your personal details if they can not be searched through that email.

As well as this, it can be in your best interests to take your time. Choosing a date does not have to be immediate, and there may be people who catch your eye but make you feel slightly uncomfortable. These are people to be avoided, as your gut instinct is usually the right one. Playing it safe will also ensure that your relationship can improve much further before taking the time to meet.

Dates that end in a one night stand have very little to offer in a relationship. They can work out for the better, but when the morning brings strained silences and guilty mumbles from either you or your partner, you have probably acted too impulsively to give your relationship a chance. From an emotional perspective, the rejection you will feel or cause will not ease the safety of your emotional stability, and you may find it difficult to bounce back and use the site to find another person who will eventually make you truly happy.

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