Change in Grooming Routine – Another Relationship Signal -

Change in Grooming Routine – Another Relationship Signal

“Men are dogs’. This is a common phrase you are likely to hear from both married and unmarried ladies when it comes to relationship matters. Just how do men become to be like dogs in the first place? The fact is that this phrase is not new but is perhaps as old as humanity. How would you describe a guy who is in a happy relationship but goes off the path to establish another or other relationships with other different ladies?

On the same breathe, how would you describe your guy who is ready to travel several miles away on a weekend reportedly for a business meeting and you finally come to discover that he actually left you behind to visit another lady? It is perhaps may be time that you ascertained whether or not you can describe your new or regular guy as a “dog” or not. One of the best ways to go about ascertaining this is to watch out for his grooming style and routine.

The fact that you are naturally gifted with the capability to get to know your new guy from the first instance gives you a big advantage in knowing him. It is obvious that when establishing a new relationship, one of the first things you will both want to know is how each of you ‘smell’. This is a natural instinct that both of you will not be aware of during your conversations, you will only come to realize that you know his scent, which can be a natural or an esthetic scent. Without your knowledge, you will automatically be in a position to tell his brand of perfume, soap and cologne.

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Getting to know your guy for some time will definitely inform you of his grooming style and routine. Any change in the same will naturally awaken your curiosity. Apart from awakening your curiosity, such change should serve to alert you of your guy’s possible relationship with another lady. What would it mean when you meet your guy in the morning wearing a particular brand of perfume for the same only to be different when you meet several hours later the same day?

One fact you can use to your advantage is that guys do not like to change their grooming routine unless such a change is very necessary. Likewise, guys who do not make use of perfumes and colognes will rarely start using the same. The fact that you notice a change or changes in your guys grooming routine should however not make you hit the roof. You need to give a benefit of doubt and take time to establish the cause of such change(s).

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