Dating advice for men who can’t approach women -

Dating advice for men who can’t approach women

Dating advice for men who can’t approach women

There are many reasons why men fail to build up enough courage to ask someone out on a date. They meet the right girl, and they know that the girl is showing some signs of interest, but they fall at the final hurdle. The date never happens, and they spend a long time afterwards regretting that decision. All men need is a bit of dating advice to give their confidence a huge boost so that they regain all the tools they need to get the girl of their dreams.

Sometimes, it is hard for a man to open up about their problems. They see it as an internal failing if they have to discuss their feelings or lack of communication techniques to successfully flirt and date the girl they have been after. It becomes a game of cat and mouse to many men, where any female is on the potential list. This lack of regard for their fellow man can knock down the confidence of the one who appears to be less outgoing, or the one who is unable to discuss the women in the same way the others do.


It is often difficult to find that one man who is very shy in the company of other males, as their pack behavior will sometimes mask their regular traits. But if one looks closely, you will see that one man will stand back from the cat calling and the jibes about how attractive a woman is. This man is the one who may need the most encouragement.

If you are this man, then you can follow a few tips and regain your confidence just a little. By letting the female take the lead, you may be able to give yourself a moment to breathe and steady yourself before attempting to seduce her with your amazing conversation skills. The woman will always be stimulated by a man who knows how to talk about any subject. Of course, it is wise not to appear too intelligent, as this can bore several women, but the ability to show a wide range of interests can appeal to many people.

In addition to being able to converse effectively, it is a good thing if you can make her laugh. A good sense of humor is a must, so you might want to brush up your talents at telling jokes, or finding your way to laugh at hers even if they are bad. This will make her feel special, and will show her that you are paying attention to the things she is saying.

In your dating experiences, you will have felt the pains of rejection. It is a harsh world, and everyone will have suffered the same stings. It is important not to let this mar your determination to get back on your feet and start again, as there will be that special woman out there. It’s possible that she is as shy as you are, and waits for you to make the first move.

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