Dating Site Tips -

Dating Site Tips

When uploading information on a dating site /website, it is important you stand out. Here are some simple tips for you to get honest, interested responses.


  1. Make sure your picture is clear and sharp. If you put up a pixelated picture, people will think you have something to hide.
  2. Smile! It is important you look happy on the picture, thats when people look the most attractive. Not a grumpy face like you don’t enjoy your life anymore.
  3. No sunglasses please. It automatically makes you more distant, which is not the purpose we assume.
  4. Don’t make any grammar errors in your profile. It is annoying for others to read and it makes you look less interested, as if you don’t care. But you do ofcourse!
  5. Be positive. Feel free to express what you like and what you are searching for instead of saying what you don’t like. Negative people are less attractive.
  6. If you have an extraordinary hobby or interest. Tell it, share it. It makes you different from all the other single men/women.
  7. Be honest. Wether you were married or not, wether you have children or not. It is important that you tell the truth. That way you find people who accept you for who you are and not for who you are pretending to be.
  8. Stay active. Don’t wait untill you get responses, put more effort in it and search for other single men/women too.
  9. Give compliments. Everybody likes compliments, it makes others happy to hear you appreciate a certain feature or quality, also a bigger chance she/he decides to date you.
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