Dating Tips for After Your Divorce -

Dating Tips for After Your Divorce

Dating Tips for After Your Divorce

Divorce is already a very painful process. Eliminate any more pain by looking out for yourself on your next date. Follow these dating tips for after your divorce to minimize the chances of you getting burnt again.


  • Plan your first date to not last longer than an hour. Date ideas include a cafĂ©, sundowners or a meet at the hot dog stand. Dinner is a bad idea because you don’t want to sit in a three hour job interview when you knew you didn’t want the job in the first fifteen minutes.
  • Always set up a plan B. The strategic emergency girlfriend call or an alarm should do it. Add to this by telling your date of another appointment later on.
  • Get yourself a pair of jeans for dating. A multi-purpose one you could wear to dinner, dancing, sundowners or a breakfast. The latest trends allow for looking younger, great legs, a confident slimmer waist that’s comfortable enough to make you feel confident on your date.
  • Make a list for yourself. A list of things you’re looking for, and a list of non-negotiable things you will not put up with. This list helps you be reminded what you want and what you don’t want a repeat of in your relationships.
  • Instead of letting him be a gentleman, let him rather meet you in a crowded, public place. It must be convenient for you and a place where you feel safe. Also inform someone close to you how long you’re going to be and where you are going.
  • Resist the ‘ex’-es. Don’t talk about your ex-husband and don’t go near sex – this early. This is not constructive first date conversation material. In fact, don’t discuss marriage at all. Don’t bring down the institution. Mr. Right may be sitting in front of you and your negativity may put him off.
  • Don’t let anyone, including yourself, force you into dating. If you don’t feel ready to date again, don’t. When you are starting to heal and feel like you can face the world again, by all means, go out and date, but do it on your terms. Perhaps a wise idea is to go out with someone you’re interested in as a group or on a double date. That way you have some kind of buffer or support.
  • The first step after divorce is to simply ‘get-out-there’ and associate with some people. See if the ‘divorce-stigma’ is off you, because a wounded animal is easy prey.
  • You may have ups and downs in your rhythm, feeling like a sex-fling at some stage, and then having a special steady. This is part of the healing process and before you know it, you’re back as your confident self and back in the game.


Don’t be afraid. Follow these simple dating tips for after your divorce and start living the life again. You will feel like a brand new woman soon.

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