Dating Tips for After Your First Date -

Dating Tips for After Your First Date

Dating Tips for After Your First Date 

The first date left you wanting more. There was chivalry and the date went off with lots of charm. You now wonder what the next steps are in the dating game. Here are some dating tips for after your first date.


  • The guy should wait two or three days before calling. Emotions should be held at bay and let the date linger. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. You may want to simply send a short message thanking the other person for having a great time together. This ensures thinking of the other person until the call is made/received.
  • Make the call short and sweet.  Convey your enjoyment of the date and perhaps specific times that stood out. Don’t blurt out your feelings here and don’t make the next date. Let the other person wonder and wait. When the call is received there will be excitement and expectation.
  • If no call is made within a week, don’t make yourself crazy, move on with your life and get back into dating. If the date was a success, the other person may still call, just don’t hang around the phone or check your cell all the time. It may be innocent like the other person may be out of town for business or have a family emergency.
  • If you promised to call, do so timeously. Don’t promise to call if you don’t intend to.
  • Don’t cyber stalk your dates Facebook or Myspace page hitting F5 to see if the person mentions anything about your date. Don’t paste stuff on their home page and keep on poking them to get attention. This is just annoying. A private message may be appropriate, but relax.
  • The next call you make, if you are interested, should be about making the next date. This time the date could be a little longer and more intimate. Try still focus on having fun and getting to know each other. This will definitely bring you closer together, if that’s what you would like. The second date should be a compliment to the first.
  • Assess where the balance between being serious and having lots of fun is. Plan your next date towards bringing a balance between the two.
  • Take each date as a step where the other person ‘warms up to you’. Remember that the second date, or any dates after the first is to repeat and build on previous pleasant experiences.


There are some basic dating tips for after your first date. Remember to take it one step at a time and don’t put too much pressure on each other. Otherwise it may cease to be fun.

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