Gold-digging for life -

Gold-digging for life

People often see the image of a gold-dogging woman as an easy life. Dating a rich man definitely has its’ benefits and can help make life more interesting and easier in some regards. But there is a lot of competition when trying to snag a wealthy man. Men with money can have high expectations as they are used to just paying to get what they want and to having more choice. Getting a rich guy to be interested in you, and being able to maintain his interest enough to profit, is a full-time job. People often don’t recognize the amount of effort that goes in to being the partner of a rich man.

Staying beautiful does not automatically happen when you get out of bed in the morning. There is a grueling fitness schedule to uphold, perhaps some fake tanning, and a daily maintenance routine for skin, nails and hair. There may also be the need to keep up to date with the latest fashions and clothing styles. You may need to be ready to be shepherded around like a trophy wife at any moment and it is expected of you to be on your beauty game at all times.

It can also be time-consuming to search for a rich man. You may need to attend places that you would not normally patronize. Country clubs and exclusive golf clubs may seem incredibly boring to you but you may need to try to find a job at one to increase your chances of crossing oaths with a suitably rich guy. Casinos or the racetrack may also be a drone to you but are required locations to visit if on the prowl for a man with a healthy bank balance.


There is also a high level of energy and effort that you need to make in flirting and remaining interesting to rich men. People who insult gold diggers for leeching off their men do not appreciate the work and effort that goes into entertaining a rich husband or partner. You have to constantly have a stream of ideas for sex, be a cheerful conversationalist at work social functions, and know when to have an opinion about sports.

Listening is also an important task when dating a rich man. Because they can simply go and get whatever they want with the money they have, your value increases if you can pre-empt their needs. Listening out for their major themes, especially when they are whingeing and you are most likely to tune out, may alert you to their hidden needs. You could be able to respond to these even before they are aware of what they are really desiring. This will add to your worth and increase your likelihood of being kept around for longer.

It is easy to deride women who chase rich partners. Any relationship requires a big investment if it is to succeed and this is equally true with what you bring to the table instead of cash.

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