How to Seduce an Older Woman -

How to Seduce an Older Woman

Older women require a different aura from men as they are more independent and sure of themselves. Since they have gone through most of their lives alone, they usually don’t see the need for a man. In fact, there’s also a great chance that their hearts have been broken in the past so expect them to be a little careful and picky.

Even though older women are like this, they still have a soft center. Here are some tips on how to trigger it and eventually win their heart.

Be Authentic

Older women are like trained soldiers. They know the game of love as if it is written on the back of their hands. Because of this fact, they can easily smell fake people from a hundred miles away.The first step in reeling in an older woman is to be yourself. Don’t try to change yourself by acting like you’re older. Trust me. These women hate pleasers.But this does not mean that compliments will not work on them. It will. It is a fact that one of women’s weaknesses is a compliment. But be sure that you make it based on fact. Overly cheesy lines will not work here. All you’ll get is a raised eyebrow or a laugh in your face.

Be Confident

Women will always admire the bearing that men have. It is that aura that tells others that they are sure of themselves and what they do. This is very attractive.If you want to attract an older woman, be sure to bring confidence into the table. Don’t stutter and fiddle with your fingers. And heaven forbid, don’t look at your watch every 20 seconds. That’s a dating no-no.

The easiest way to be confident is to start with your eyes. Look at her and communicate with your eyes. Compliment her and ask about her life. If she asks you some questions, reply in a confident way.

Be Independent

Keep your interests and hobbies independent of hers. Don’t be available all the time and don’t act needy. Be there when she needs you but let her do what she is used to doing. Don’t ever try to control her especially if it has something to do with her job or her kids.

As you can see, it is not that hard to attract an older woman. Once you throw all the cheesy pick-up lines and overly romantic strategies out of the window, you’ll surely win this independent and alluring gem of a woman. Who knows? She may end up chasing you instead.

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