Mountain goat marriages -

Mountain goat marriages

A mountain goat represents the astrological sign of Capricorn. This may conjure up images of dexterity, tenacity and a certain earthiness. It is also suggestive of a stubbornness and willingness to butt heads to get one’s own way. Dating or marrying a Capricorn can need its own set of guidelines to help manage your partner’s deep-rooted personality traits.

Organizing your relationship around your star sign or your partner’s star sign can seem ridiculous to some. However, some people see astrology as a repetitive pattern that helps shape people’s personalities and styles of relating. There are some signs that people of the same star sign share a similar set of traits. Understanding this can help deepen your appreciation of your own relationship.

Capricorns are born between summer solstice, the 22nd of December, and the 20th of January. (Some astrologers say Capricorn lasts until the 19th of January.) Capricorns are considered to be an earthy sign, which means their personality is focused on the physical reality and not so much in ethereal matters. They can be career-focused and meticulously detailed. They may have a methodical approach to things, and tend towards being quieter and slightly timid. They can also seek out praise and need to be constantly reinforced with a showering of affection. They are single-focused and stubborn, and may be willing to hold their ground defensively in an argument.


If you are planning to use astrology to help guide your relationship, it is important to keep a comparison between your partner’s behavior and the standard characteristics of their star sign. Astrology believes that the position of the planets can have an effect on one’s personality traits. But planets are constantly moving in an eternal dance of light and shade. Not all Capricorns are the same and this is because elements of one’s personality are spotlighted or overshadowed by the influence and positioning of the other celestial planets.

Having a partner open to discussing the influence of astrology on their behavior can help. This may be easier with Capricorns as you can play off their desire to be loved and praised. You can enter into discussions by talking of the good qualities of a Capricorn that are reflected in their behavior. This can create an acceptance to discuss oneself in terms of one’s astrological sign. You can then raise more difficult issues under the guise of resolving aspects of their astrological side rather than sound like you are attacking them personally.

Astrology can be a fascinating science that gives insights into behavior and relationships. Being able to understand your Capricorn partner can be beneficial and help the relationship to survive.

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