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Potent method to seduction: Affecting her visual memory

Surprisingly, there are many ways to attract the opposite sex. The aim could be to both stimulate and relax the senses. There are five sense to the human body: touching, smelling, seeing, tasting, and hearing. Most of those attributes assist the body to predict and sencse body movements, direction amd acceleration of certain acts and feelings. By affecting the sensory receptors emotions will be produce, and thereafter motivation will occur.

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One of the five senses of life: Sight

Seeing certain objects and colors do produce reactions that result in euphoric experiences; and that is what most women may be seeking in an active relationship. Generally, sight is the same as vision. It involves the capabilities of the eye to focus and reflect images of light within the retina. As a result, electrical verve impulses create the essence of hue, brightness, contrast adn a variety of colors. Everyone has a favorite blend of colors that may definitely stimulate the libido. Keep this in mind when attempting to figure out what kind of theatric atmosphere to be in during your next encounter.

Sight also affects the visual memory. Good times are what you are looking for during seduction. The memories must be fine point and produce a file within the emotions and the mind of you and your female partner. Example, say that you are trying to get back with someone that you have known in the past. It is better off that you try to relate to what got you two together in the first place. However, if the circumstances where negative, don’t even attempt a massive comeback.

Potent Method

Moreover, a potent method is to develop a scenario that will affect her visual memory; stimulating a healthy principle of unpredictability that will add to the mystery of what should come next. Another example, you go to an event that related to both of you. Apparently, you are not too busy that she decides to leave you alone; but she notices you.

Try Something New

A great suggestion is to try something new. Maybe make a purchase of a new type of cologne or being to observe the kind of fashion that will interest or intrigue her tastes; stimulate her visual memory. The idea is to produce a spark that will feature yourself as a renewed interesting person in society, hopefully showing her that you are a very attractive person.

Keep It Simple

Additionally, keep it simple, yet unpredictable. Conversely, you do not want her to become rote in understanding what it is that you will become. Her visual memory must be affected so that she may not easily imagine what is that you are going to say or become. Just make her more curious than before, if possible. Nevertheless, be contrary, establish yourself as not being too easy to read, thereafter she may fall and show more concern and develop that anxious attitude that just may open the gates to seduction.

In summary, there are many ways to create a relationship with that certain female companion of your dreams. The idea is to stay somewhat focused on what is it is to be a human that is both intriguing to yourself and that person who may want to know you ‘just a little bit better’.

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