Relationship disaster signs -

Relationship disaster signs

Relationship breakups do not happen overnight, but are played out over weeks or months before the inevitable end occurs. There are four signs that a relationship is weakening and headed for a conclusion. Being able to identify these signs allows a couple to discuss what is really going on and reassess their desire to be together. It is possible to be conscious of the relationship as an entity in itself. This allows the couple to recognize that the relationship needs to be nurtured in order for it to continue to grow.

In the early days of a relationship, the feeling of falling in love blinds people to the other’s flaws and idiosyncrasies. These become more obvious as time goes on. Being in a relationship requires the maturity to accept the other person where they are. No one is perfect and everyone is trying to walk their path as best as they are able with whatever skills they have. Life experiences and childhood memories can be huge drivers of behavior and an open willingness to accept this is essential for a relationship. One or both partners starting to judge each other is a disaster early warning sign. It is easy to get into a mindset of seeing the other partner as a problem that must be fixed to make you comfortable again.

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Where this entitled sense of having the right to judge your partner continues, it can fester into another sign of relationship decay. The ways in which your partner annoys or dissatisfies you can become a shopping list of grievances you have ready to draw on whenever you want to harbor dissatisfaction with your partner. This is a sign of growing resentment and anger at your partner. It is a horrible energy to have simmering away beneath the façade of a continued relationship, and eventually reaches boiling point.

Where there is a lingering dissatisfaction, partners may fall into an attitude of constant defense. This relationship warning sign becomes so omnipresent that it is not even noticeable. When something happens regularly, it is accepted as normal and taken for granted. A relationship may be headed for trouble if either partner constantly feels the need to explain their behaviors. This is an implicit way of asking for acceptance on a regular basis.

The fourth sign of relationship disaster is emotional withdrawal. This can take the form of withholding communication or of building a protective barrier so that there is a limited sense of intimacy and feeling in a relationship. This is unhealthy for you and your relationship as the barriers you create also emotionally distance yourself from your own sense of awareness.

Relationships come and go. Relationship awareness leads to a greater chance for success, and provides you with an early warning system to prevent disaster

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