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Single and Social

By the time you are in your late twenties, being single can be a lonely struggle. Many of your friends may be married and have children, or be married to their job and be working. [...]

Military marriages

Being married or partnered to someone in the military has its own set of characteristics, customs and sense of community. Partners in an interracial couple have to appreciate and [...]

Relationship disaster signs

Relationship breakups do not happen overnight, but are played out over weeks or months before the inevitable end occurs. There are four signs that a relationship is weakening and [...]

When a military partner is on duty

Military relationships have their own unique set of challenges. A relationship with someone in the army, navy or air force who is called away on active duty needs to be dealt with [...]

Change in Grooming Routine – Another Relationship Signal

“Men are dogs’. This is a common phrase you are likely to hear from both married and unmarried ladies when it comes to relationship matters. Just how do men become to be like [...]

Returning to the scene of the (sex) crime

Relationships cultivate a sense of comfort and regularity that can fuel the momentum of staying together. Sometimes, couples realize that there is not that spark necessary for [...]

Mountain goat marriages

A mountain goat represents the astrological sign of Capricorn. This may conjure up images of dexterity, tenacity and a certain earthiness. It is also suggestive of a stubbornness [...]

The motivations behind cheating women

Unfortunately, there are many examples of men and women cheating in their relationships. When a man cheats, there is an almost resigned acceptance that it has happened in another [...]

The romantic legend of soul mates

One of the pressures behind dating is the intense, unspoken goal of finding your soul mate. Society promotes the idea that life is a game of accumulating the greatest number of [...]

Three symptoms of a love diagnosis

Falling in love is an exciting, overwhelming, irresistible, and unforgettable time of life. Truly falling in love with another person happens rarely, so it is a pivotal moment [...]

The causes of cheating

The vast majority of relationships are monogamous. While relationships are monogamous, the hyper-sexed pop culture world reflects a worldview of sex constantly. Sex is used to [...]

Gold-digging for life

People often see the image of a gold-dogging woman as an easy life. Dating a rich man definitely has its’ benefits and can help make life more interesting and easier in some [...]

Fighting and bonding

The ways we are taught to resolve differences and reach agreement are adversarial in nature. Our legal institutions and government assemblies present two opposing sides and the [...]

Talking sex with mum and dad

The idea of talking about sex with your parents is enough to make you cringe with discomfort. Nothing comes even remotely close to being as awkward as having to raise the subject [...]

Ownership of the engagement ring

A breakup after an engagement is a painful process for all involved. There is a deep-set grief that everyone must work through. Of course, this predominantly involves the once-prospective [...]
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