Seduction secrets: Do you smell what I smell? -

Seduction secrets: Do you smell what I smell?

There are hundreds of olfactory receptors (approx. 388). Each of them affects the combination of excitatory signals. The end results are molecules that predict and determine a smell. If your special woman does not have anosmia, then this article may help you to cause seduction.

A great place to take someone, in order to move some things around, should involve chocolate factories, or candy warehouses. Flowers boutiques and flower gardens are great places to visit. In fact, exercising, while noticing a variety of smells, will induce certain memory attributes that may benefit a date. A trade secret is to make sure that she is warm and very comfortable. According to sources, if she is cold, she won’t pay attention to smelling anything.

Stimulate those Receptors

Like most people know, the nose is the organ responsible for the sense of smell. And smell receptors interact with the molecules of vapors; thereafter, transmitting sensations to the brain. There are many products out there that are especially sensitive to the nose, as well. Take a gander at these particular scents: camphor, musk, and mint.


Camphor is a very familiar smell in some homes. Camphor is usually remembered as a smell of sudden shock and comfort. This kind of smell is used for medicines that produce certain levels of heat, followed by sleep. That could be a positive note for someone.


Moreover, musk is a powerful hit for the sack. Women of all ages will definitely react to this kind of scent. Musk is used in today’s colognes, along with incense and certain flowers or hemps have this type of natural smell, as well. As a result, women tend to bring themselves closer and closer just to get another certain whiff that brought them there in the first place.


Another successful tone of smell is the fragrance of mint. Conversely, mint isn’t just a specific smell; however, mint does relate to both taste and smelling. Mint is used a food source and is considered very versatile by consumers. That is another reason why using mint would be successful. Mint is available in blends of all sorts: teas, chocolate flavoring, coffee, candy, and flowers or herbs. The seductive measures of using mint would all depend on how it is used; then carefully measure the results from there.

Lastly, there are smell that solely relate to a woman’s background and experience. In fact, a smell that can only be produced at a certain special time, during a specific incident should be taken note of. She just may react the way you want after becoming scared or experiencing a moment of excitement that could change her behavior. Try to be more observant. The payoff may be grand.

In summary, there are many attributes of smell that can influence the body. Although some smells may take time to become in affect the outcome could definitely benefit a relationship. Surprisingly, seductive encounters happen all the time after a certain whiff of a special something.


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