Single and Social -

Single and Social

By the time you are in your late twenties, being single can be a lonely struggle. Many of your friends may be married and have children, or be married to their job and be working. This can make it difficult to keep active and social if you are single and looking to meet someone for a relationship.

Luckily, the choices available to continue your singles search have grown exponentially and being single should not hold you back from a fun and exciting life. One of the best aspects of being single is that it reminds you of the richness of your life and all of the time you have to be you. When you are in a relationship, at times it can feel like life is a joint partnership of working for a living: working in order to afford a family, working on understanding your partner’s perspective. It’s a lot of work. On the other hand, being single can be a time of getting out and learning more about the world and your place in it.

The desire for something deeper in a relationship, however, is common and is a common yearning for many people at some stage of their life. Knowing where to look can help you find the right partner for you.


Less people are using entertainment venues to find prospective partners. Bars and venues attract only a particular type of person. This is often someone who is interested in drinking in their spare time. That may have been fun in one’s early twenties, but more enriching and nourishing night activities are often sought in one’s late twenties or thirties. Choosing group hobbies or sports can be a way to meet new people. This requires some commitment and regularity. You may not meet anyone on the first few weeks of attending an evening spin class at your gym, for example. But after some weeks of repeatedly attending, other participants will start to recognize that you are becoming a regular and will make conversation. Focus on making friends in these sorts of groups and nothing more. These new friends can be springboards who introduce you to new social circles where you could meet your partner. If you are destined to partner with your new friend, it will not have hurt to have formed the friendship first.

Online dating is also more common and an easy way to manage a social life from home. This can help you prepare your weekends in advance as you can organize dates and map out a social life during the week.

Being single is often given a bad reputation after a certain age. But it can be a doorway to a more vibrant social life if you embrace it.

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