The motivations behind cheating women -

The motivations behind cheating women

Unfortunately, there are many examples of men and women cheating in their relationships. When a man cheats, there is an almost resigned acceptance that it has happened in another relationship, again. When a woman cheats, it can be met with a surprise and leave the partner and any nosey onlookers wondering what happened and why a woman would do that.

Culturally, women are often held to higher standards in a relationship than a man. Women must contribute more in the home, even if they are working. Women are expected to accept the wandering eyes of their men and to concede that their partners may have sexual interests beyond the relationship, even if they do not act on them. There are a range of implicit sexual prejudices still existing in society that are unspoken but symbolically played out in the lives of couples all across America and the western world.

This all contributes to making it more shocking to hear that a woman has cheated on her partner. However, when someone cheats on their partner, it is usually a sign that there are other problems in the relationship, and this is simply a manifestation of the deeper-rooted problem.

There may be a lack of emotional connection in a relationship. When partners do not talk enough or share intimate moments together, distance in a relationship can widen.


Many women have a strong need to feel connected to their partners emotionally, and when this is absent or at a low point, it is easier to start looking outside a relationship. Meeting someone new is an instant lift in one’s emotional energy and sometimes, people can be addicted to this sense of intimacy. After awhile in any relationship, it is necessary to work at maintaining communication and deepening trust. This can be hard work and some people are not emotionally mature enough to be ready for this journey. Instead, it is easier to relive the early days of a relationship with a new partner.

Some couples may be staying together until their children reach a certain age or finish school. In these relationships, it is as if the couple are really just sharing a house together. If this has been verbally discussed, it may be that there is an agreement that the relationship is over. If a woman then begins a relationship with someone else, then this is not really cheating, although it may look like it to any gossipy neighbors or other interferers that are enjoying looking in.

While cheating is common in modern relationships, it is usually because there are other things going on that need to be addressed. The act of cheating, however, can be the death knell for many couples.

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