The Touchy-feely Desires of Food -

The Touchy-feely Desires of Food

Touching and seduction go hand in hand. It seems so easy to experience the touch and feel of something or someone. However, the memory sensors always tend to forget the correct sequence that the nerves used to cause a reaction that way. That is annoying; but that is also why people have companions. The seduction of a woman contains sensual moments of compassionate touches and artificial stimulations that originate from sex pills and/or devices that are catered and intended for mature audiences.

Foods may also be involved with seduction

Kiwi-Fruit aka Passion Fruit

In fact, there are foods that easily cause seductive measures to exist. For instance, the passion fruit (otherwise known as kiwi). This particular fruit tastes great; it is  healthy; the look of it is exotic; and the feel and texture is sexy, due to its hairy outer layer that covers the lime green juicy texture of its innards.

Buttery Popcorn

Moreover, popcorn is another sexy food. Add to the impulsive movie–a box of buttered up and salted up popcorn—the reaction will include ‘this is one of the best moments of my entire life’. Those moments are almost a given time of seduction and fantasy.

Sexy Chocolate

Of course, chocolate is a seductive food. Chocolate is both a protein treat and an aphrodisiac. This extension of a cocao nut is common among lovers all of over the globe; a Valentine’s Day favorite. Contrary to what some may believe, pasta is another seductive food.

Pasta Lovers

Although some may complain that pasta noodles are too filling, after having the opportunity to use those lips and the tongue to consume pasta; bluntly, most couples are ready to go—somewhere–with style. Additionally, by just having exotic foods available are seductive treats; however, you cannot forget about the accessories.

Art-ware Induces Seduction

Party plates; using artistically styled bowls and cups can stir the spur of the moment fairly quickly. For instance, there are very intriguing serving gear and traditional pots that can bring out the sense of homely comfort that really belongs in a relationship. On the other hand, there are new wave items that pronounce a more contemporary rendezvous for trendy couples, as well. The opportunities are there.

In summary, food is a key entity of taste and seduction. Luckily, there is an abundance of food to be consumed in most areas. There are recipes available and food markets are usually located not too far from home. Seductive properties do also belong with food. Men love food and women love to grub, too. Just pick the right ingredients and the world could come to a close around the secluded where a couple would need to be for a seductive night together. With that said, taste is a human sense that also has a prime measure in properly seducing a woman.


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