The Ultimate Man: How to Seduce Your Dream Woman -

The Ultimate Man: How to Seduce Your Dream Woman

The complete man (many women would claim there is no such thing) has always been one of the greatest objects of desire for any woman in the world. The essential ingredients of the item to be cooked must always be proportionally added to the dish at the right point in time. The build of a man (beyond the realm of simple physique) always centers on the same proportionality-time duopoly that reigns over cooking itself. Any woman who is to be approached by a stranger will always hope that the stranger will portray the right tit-bits of personality to bowl her over and make her want to take him home. Yet the average man will always find it tough to understand as to what the right bits are and when should he flaunt them. The following are a few tips for the man looking to seduce at first sight.

Your smell defines you

This might come across as a rather weird suggestion, but if you really want a woman to smile with you during a conversation, you simply cannot smell bad. Moreover if smell too good, you might be seen as far too well “un-manly” for their liking. The best way to take this forward is to simply decide on a good perfume or cologne with a subtly personal touch and then use it every time you plan to go out at social gatherings.

Subtle Smiles Make You Classy

The appearance, for any man looking for a woman to find his company pleasurable, is a requisite. The odor a man’s cologne defines him. Yet, what really makes the judgment clearer is when a man is satisfied with the number of times and occasions when a man smiles with subtlety. Smiling all the time or not smiling at all would make the man a candidate for utter rejection. A man with a good sense of humor with apt timing and an obvious subtlety will always be preferred to a man without.


No Touchy Feely…Not Just Yet

A smart man is someone, who knows when to go for the first touch and where to aim at. No man has ever touched a woman at the wrong time and the wrong part of her body and lived to tell the tale. Get her comfortable, get her smiling and looking into your eyes. When that is done, get the right moment to let her feel your skin brush her. If timed to perfection, it should spend chills down her spine. That is the way ahead.


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