Three symptoms of a love diagnosis -

Three symptoms of a love diagnosis

Falling in love is an exciting, overwhelming, irresistible, and unforgettable time of life. Truly falling in love with another person happens rarely, so it is a pivotal moment in most people’s lives. While it is possible to have many lovers or partners, there are usually only a couple or few that really stand out as being ‘true loves’. While the pace and structure of society once conditioned people to have a single loving partner throughout their life, there is now a greater recognition that you might fall in love two or three times along your life path.

The word love is used in so many ways that it can be difficult to separate and describe particular emotions, even to yourself. If you have been dating often and have met a range of possible future-partners, you may feel varying levels of connection with each of them. It can then be confusing to figure out what is really love and to notice when you are falling in love.


There are three simple behaviors to notice that identify if you are falling in love. Bizarrely, your would-be partner is only peripherally involved in determining your love diagnosis.

1. Elevated sense of happiness

Your sense of curiosity about life and spontaneity can be diminished over time as it is necessary to trudge your way through your adult life. It is easy for everything to take on a sense of routine and greyness.

When you begin to fall in love, the rest of the world starts to brighten as well. You may find your natural inquisitiveness has begun to pick up and you are spending more time on your hobbies or personal interests. You may be more observant of sunsets or the beauty of nature. Perhaps you can brush off mean-spirited remarks or workplace tensions more easily and with a smile.

Feeling happier and being able to connect with your happiness is the first sign you are falling in love with someone.

2. Increased caring for others

Falling in love opens and expands the heart. This strengthens the invisble cords of your relationships with friends and family as well. Feeling more empathic and willing to extend a caring hand to your loved ones could be a sign that you are falling in love.

3. Less judgement, more acceptance

With the object of your affection, you may be discovering that you have more patience for their limitations and weaknesses. You may find it easier to accept that everyone is on a lifelong learning path and has their own quirks of personality. You may even be able to see how these negative aspects may have once been useful to your love interest, but now these same traits are manifesting less positively. This may extend over to your friends and family, channelling your more forgiving and less judgemental nature. This acceptance is another sign that you are falling in love.

A random comment from a close friend that you seem to be smiling more, or that you have a warmer sense of spirit lately, may be a sign of these qualities growing in your life. If you have been noticing these three qualities more often, you just might be falling in love!

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