Use Words to Create Magic and Seduce Your Woman -

Use Words to Create Magic and Seduce Your Woman

Have you ever wondered why even the best-looking men cannot have an average girl, even though the average one ends up dating very beautiful women? The average men know the art of speaking in a magical manner, if they wish to create an impact in the mind of a girl. There is a need to choose the words carefully. Seduction of beautiful girl is no shorter than an art. And if you wish to get best results, you should use the right words.

Whenever you are talking about sex, you should not let it seem like a taboo. The woman should never get embarrassed with your conversation. You should use a strategy, which is so intriguing that even the girl cannot stop herself from putting her point in. The longer this conversation persists, the higher chances of the girl is to go into you.

  • You should always follow the route, which no men follow. You should not run after a girl, who is being pursued by everyone. You will get noticed by her, as she would be curious to know why is she not having an               impact on you. If she gets into a conversation with you, make sure to let her know that you don’t find her attractive. In most cases, she will do whatever possible her to change your view and to make you think otherwise, which is what you always wanted.
  • You should speak in a seductive manner on different topics, which relate to sex or sexual desires in some manner. You should talk about things like romantic beach, romantic destination and your dream woman. Speaking about such things can get the woman aroused. For her, your passion towards all these things will make you a desirable person to have sex with.
  •  You should try touching her time and again. When you do that, it sends the message, without a word being spoken, that you are getting attracted towards her. Take it slowly. Start from her hand, and if things seem comfortable to her, move to other parts of her body. Her body language will be a clear indication of the fact, if she likes it or not.
  • One of the best ways of seducing a woman is using reverse psychology. You should ask her to do something, which you actually want to be done in an opposite manner. Ask her to not wear something, which will make her desirable for you and she will wear that clothing only. Ask her not to do something, which can bring in sensuous feeling and you will see her doing that only. Your words are your main weapon to use in this war of seduction. Use it well and you will always come out a winner in this battle with the beautiful women completely submitting to you.



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