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What women want in their Perfect Man

The art of seduction works best when understand what women look for in their perfect man. However, most people jump to their routine of useless pickup lines and using their wallet to impress attractive and intelligent women. However, this routine might seem good in movies but in reality, this can get an individual into trouble instead of helping them secure a date. Self-confidence and courage can work charms for a man when they are trying to impress a woman. However, maintaining self-confidence to talk to a woman is a different subject and over confidence leading to intimidation is another story altogether.


There are many, who feel afraid trying to approach attractive women simply to introduce themselves. Most men think that attractive or gorgeous women might be out of their league. However, that is not true since most attractive and intelligent women simply do not opt for a man who has a huge wallet or looks. Women look for character, strength and even reliability. In order to learn the art of seduction, one must first try to figure out the taste of a woman. Many would argue that this is not possible until a man actually engages in a conversation with a woman.


However, by being observant, one can easily identify the taste of a woman by the kind of dress, which they are wearing, and the way in which they are interacting in their present environment. The chance of identifying all these details within a limited period can be difficult but the courage to go up and speak to an attractive woman sincerely shows that one has the necessary courage and self-confidence a woman might appreciate in a man. The excess use of cologne looks great on advertisements but it is the presence of quick wit and humor, which eventually works like magic.


Another important thing, which every man must keep in their mind, is that attractive and confident women do not like to be smothered with too much of attention. By trying too hard in order to win the approval or attention of a woman, a man clearly shows that he is needy and lacks any kind of confidence in their abilities. Suggesting in the very beginning to a woman a change of location for better privacy not only comes out as sleazy but high levels of incompetence to handle competition from other male suitors. One can handle such competition in numerous other ways, without compromising their image in front of women.



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